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Build Faster With Global Talents.

Who we are

We are passionate about helping founders build and scale their startups

By providing access to quality developers and marketers skilled in various technologies and tools, founders can scale quickly and affordably.


Accelerate your application development by hiring top talents from Europe, Latin America, and Africa.
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Hire top-tier UI, UX, Visual, and Interaction designers and more from time zones that align closely with yours
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Marketing Experts

Hire top marketing experts, consultants, managers, and professionals at more affordable rates.
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Product Managers

Hire product managers with a deep understanding of product research, ideation, roadmaps, user stories, and launch.
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Project Manager

Hire project managers in Agile, Kanban, Lean, and IT. Our PMs resolve customer pain points and enhance your digital capabilities.
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Data Science & AI

Bring Baaraku's AI, BI, ML, and data science engineers on board to unlock valuable business insights and capabilities.
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Data Eng. & Analytics

Transform your business with Baaraku's data engineering and analytics expertise. Achieve smarter decisions faster.
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Cloud & DevOps

Streamline operations and scale effortlessly with dedicated Cloud & DevOps talent. Perfect fit for your tech team.
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Our process.
Simple, seamless, streamlined.

From Concept to Acquiring Your First Customers: Rely on Our Tech and Marketing Staffing Services.

Join exploration call.

We will have a conversation about your business goals. This will allow us to explore the optimal team structure, approach, and success metrics. We’ll also discuss timelines, budgets, and the specific skillsets needed to bring your vision to life

Discuss solution and team structure.

We will explore solutions and team structure improvements to optimize your team’s performance. We’ll also discuss ideal skillsets for any open positions

Get started and track performance.

Once we’ve established your goals and objectives, we’ll move on to discuss solutions and team structure. Then, we’ll hit the ground running by implementing the plan, tracking performance, and adapting to your evolving needs to ensure continued success.

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